Adding your own data

There are several ways for you to contribute your own datasets to Aleph. The method you choose is dependent on the type of data you are attempting to add:

  • If you want to upload a small number of documents, create a case file using the user interface and upload your documents using the upload function inside that case. You can share a case file with some colleagues who have accounts on the site, but it cannot be made public.

  • When faced with a large trove of documents, such as a leak, use the command-line based alephclient tool to submit documents in an automated fashion from your own computer.

  • When dealing with a list of companies, people or other logical entities in a structured format, you should attempt to create a mapping file. This helps Aleph decode each row in a structured table into entities such as companies, procurement contracts or similar data objects (entities).

  • If you plan to regularly import data from a public source, such as a government web site, you may want to create a web crawler that automatically executes, collects data and submits them to Aleph.